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The Fourth Reich is an area for like-minded Brüder, who share a paSSion for the Third Reich and all it stood for. These pages are for Brüder who share that and want to be a part of a glorious Fourth Reich. Brüder on Black Altar all have one thing in common: their sexuality, a desire to bond with other Nazis and their unsurpassable lust for another man in our beloved uniform.

These pages give you the only chance, anywhere in cyberspace to meet with men in the uniform of a Nazi! SSoldaten of the Reich, through our site, have the only opportunity anywhere on the web to enter into chat conversations with one another and say what they want without being moderated!

However let us not forget that these pages are provided for more than just a casual cyber wank (but please do enjoy as much of that with your fellow Nazis as possible!) – they offer a real platform for real Nazis to meet.

So welcome to our glorious Fourth Reich, enjoy these pages, their content and as many of the Brüder as you can. Perhaps we will connect you with a Bruder close to you so you can enjoy many hours of sex with another HHorny Nazi while plotting how go grow the Fourth Reich around you…

Abide by our Absolute Rules of Membership and you will do fine:

  • All members shall post an Avatar – preferably a full body picture (face can be maSSked); my preference is that you wear our Uniform and show some Nazi SSymbolism;
  • All members will take the Oath of Allegiance;
  • All members of the Black Altar are members of the Fourth Reich and as Nazis will conduct themselves as such; and
  • No member will engage in any activity with minors under the legal age of sexual consent in your country.  This is absolute and will result in expulsion from IV Reich and The Black Altar.

For this group to be a succeSS, all SSoldaten need to take a positive role in the site and show their commitment and dedication. We shall not tolerate complaints that “no-one contacts me”, “nothing happens on here”. If you have just sat back and waited for things to happen, nothing is likely to!.

Any insubordination will be dealt with summarily and could lead to demotion or expulsion from the site. The IV Reich is not a democracy and the word of any member of Oberkommand is final.

Join in, make new friends, promote our cauSSe, march side by side with your booted Brüders, have fun and enjoy!

Für Die Ehre Des Vierten Reiches

The following list has to be completed within 5 days of joining or your profile will be deleted.

  1. Post Oath of Allegiance.
    This can be found under the IV Reich Tab.
    Then post this on the Blog Page.
  2. Choose Aryan Name.
    A list of Aryan Names can be found under the IV Reich Tab.
    Once you have chosen your Aryan Name, your real name must be changed to your chosen Aryan Name.
  3. Choose the Teilung
    Reichsjugend (under 21's)
  4. All profiles must have an Avatar picture.
  5. All NEW members are to report to Oberstgruppenführer Weiss Wulf upon registration.

Under the IV Reich Tab you will find Attributes, Code of Conduct and About Us.
All must be read.

Please note it can take up to 24hrs to have your profile approved.